Course objective: understand how to develop a strategy to acquire the hardware, software, and skills to produce each of four kinds of podcasts:

  • Monologue - speak about your own experience
  • Interview-based show - a host interviews others
  • Panel podcasts - a host moderates a discussion between a group of guests around a single topic
  • Story-telling podcast - either fiction or non-fiction; a host narrates a story that includes sound effects and audio sourced from one or more voice actors

Part One

  • Podcast for business or personal?
  • Podcast format: monologue or interview/panel? Local or remote?
  • Podcast format: story telling
  • Episode frequency, how to name a podcast, how long should a podcast be
  • Recording equipment (which options and why)
  • Recording tips

Part Two

  • Editing software
  • Sound FX and music
  • Editing technique
  • Publishing and publishing platforms
  • Listener Analytics